I decided to put my website LIVE as I am working on it!

What a Concept, right?! In a world where we are often conditioned, to put our best foot forward, wait till its done, worry/market ourselves based on what others will think, we forget the Value in being Human, Vulnerable, and Authentic. 

After months of Procrastinating, and hiding behind a “Coming Soon” page because of thoughts like “It’s Not done Yet,” “Not all of my Offerings are defined yet,” “It’s/I’m Not Ready Yet,” yet, yet, yet, I decided to quiet the voice of my inner perfectionist, and invite my Guests, Friends, and any of You who have stumbled along, to be part of it’s/my Creative Growth Journey!

I invite you to take a click around. It’s currently a combination of What I have been doing, What I am doing, and What I will be Doing, all merging, and unfolding Live.

Here is my DISCLAIMER: (I had to bribe my inner perfectionsit to stay quiet by adding this)  This site/offerings will be Changing, Growing, and will sometimes be a lil’ Funky as I play with plug-ins, and accidentally mess it up, but Hey…isn’t LIFE, and aren’t WE often Changing, Growing, and Yes, sometimes a lil Funky and Messy?!

Is there something that You have been wanting to offer, share, or try, and Perfectionism, and it’s close friend, Procrastination, or Fear of what others will think, has been holding you back? 

I say try giving those voices a time-out and call in your inner Courage and be Audacious.



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2 Responses to I decided to put my website LIVE as I am working on it!

  1. Robin Ok says:

    you are brave, wondrous and I appreciate your willingness to be vulnerable and share your work in progress…. <3

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