The Art and Sole of Reflexology

Have you Heard of Reflexology and wondered exactly what it is?

Reflexology is the Art and Science of using a specific touch technique on Reflex pressure maps that are believed to exist on the Hands, Feet, and Outer Ears.

Some say Reflexology came from the Ancient Egyptians, others say Ancient Chinese, and then my favorite answer that I once heard in reply to “who were the first reflexologists?” was “Babies.” How often do you see Babies sucking their fingers, or pulling at their toes? Both are brain reflexes. Or have you ever noticed while painful teething is in process, Babies often tug at their Ear lobes? Yes, dental reflexes are on the ear lobes.Baby reflex mapReflex foot map

No matter who you believe were the first Reflexologists, William H. Fitzgerald, an ear, nose, and throat specialist, is credited for bringing awareness of Reflexology to the United States in his book “Zone Therapy,” published in 1917. And later, in the 1930’s and 40’s, Eunice D. Ingham, a nurse and physiotherapist, claiming that the Feet and Hands were especially sensitive, she mapped out the body’s corresponding Reflexes, thus changing “Zone Therapy” to Reflexology.


My personal journey into Reflexology began when I received my Manicuring license in 1990. Part of the manicuring process is to massage the hands and feet, and this became one of my favorite parts of the service. To offer Relaxation to my guests by holding, nurturing, and massaging their precious Hands and Soles. And yes, I say precious because where would one be without them?

Then I began to become aware of the subtle textures of certain parts of the Hands and Feet, and how specific areas felt sore to some guests, while other areas were especially pleasing to be massaged. So I bought a Reflexology chart at a local Beauty Convention, then took a class at a Massage school, and then in 2005, I studied at the American Academy of Reflexology, and I have been integrating Reflexology into my Hands-on work and Life ever since!

So how does this work and what are the benefits?

The idea of applying pressure, or reflexing over specific areas that correspond to the body system by way of Reflex maps is similar to Acupressure, or Acupuncture where needles or pressure are applied on Meridian maps. Now just like reflexology zones and reflexes, meridians are not seen by naked eye, we cannot open up the body and find them, they are believed to exist. Reflexology like Acupuncture and Acupressure work on the premise that the body can be restored to a more Relaxed, and thus Healthy state by unblocking Chi, or Life force energy.

I personally feel that all dis-ease is caused by Stress and Tension in the body, and through Reflexology, I have been able to bring my guests to a very deep relaxed state in which their body can facilitate its own Self-healing. I never use it to diagnose, to prognosticate, or as substitute for tradition Western Medicine.

Some Benefits Reported are:

Overall stress reduction

Improved Immune System

Improved Circulation

Emotional Release

Can assist with conditions such as:


Sleep Disorders

Digestive issues

Neck and Jaw Tension

Menstrual Cramps

Hormonal Imbalances

Just to name a few.

Caution must be used for pregnant moms, the very young or elderly, and those with recent fractures, severe eczema, or other skin diseases, and those on heavy medications.

If you are interested in trying out some Reflexology, my advice is to find not only a trained Reflexologist, also one who is Caring and Nurturing, as with all Energy/Body work, Intention and Healing go Hand in Hand!

And why not try some Reflexology Love on yourself?!

Try Walking barefoot over some sand or small pebbles, or gently roll your soles over a tennis ball.

Massage the webs between your fingers to relieve Neck and Shoulder tension, or the palms of your hands to aid digestion.

Rub your Ear Lobes next time you feel Anxious or Nervous as the Brain Reflexes are there, and who couldn’t use a lil Brain Soothing right?!

And why not Wear Shoes That Love YOU by reflexing your soles and look cute while doing it!


And please, pop on over to see how I have incorporated Creativity and Other Healing Modalities in my Blissful Reflexology Sessions.

Blissful Reflexology


Danielle Gomez Quintanar~Hand ‘n’ Sole Goddess

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  1. Reflexes in babies is my fav topic. Thanks for sharing information on that issue. Thanks, Ruben 🙂

  2. Liz Gow says:

    Brilliant Danielle. Really enjoyed the blog and learned so much. Will massage my feet more for sure, especially the web bits – haha. Thanks very much. 🙂

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