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To Shave or Not to Shave?

In my long time career as a licensed manicurist, I can’t tell you how many times a guest of  mine would come in to receive a pedicure and apologize to me for not shaving their legs. As a heart-based practitioner, … Continue reading

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The Art and Sole of Reflexology

Have you Heard of Reflexology and wondered exactly what it is? Reflexology is the Art and Science of using a specific touch technique on Reflex pressure maps that are believed to exist on the Hands, Feet, and Outer Ears. Some … Continue reading

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The ACT of Self-LOVE

It’s that Time of Year again! The stores are stocked with Pink & Red hearts, cards, candies, gift ideas, all promoting the celebration of the Love in your Life. This display is often geared to celebrating A Love Relationship with … Continue reading

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A Hide n’ Seek Celebration

The honest truth is that I never liked pictures. For a long time it was hard to look at myself. I had so many insecurities and pictures only pointed them out to me. You see, I have spent so much … Continue reading

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I decided to put my website LIVE as I am working on it!

What a Concept, right?! In a world where we are often conditioned, to put our best foot forward, wait till its done, worry/market ourselves based on what others will think, we forget the Value in being Human, Vulnerable, and Authentic.  After months of … Continue reading

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Watch my Site Bloom!

Working on Website Now…Live! Lap tops a blazin’

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