Holistic Manicuring

NAILSHOLISTICincorporating the concept of holism, the theory that whole entities have an existence other than the mere sum of their parts.

MANICUREOrigin: 1875–80; French, Latin,  Mani-(combining form of manus hand) + cūra care


 Indulge in some Ancient Beauty secrets and Healing Modalities and Remember the Beauty and Goddess that YOU Are!

All services are performed with your Well-being in mind, in a Tranquil and Private atmosphere, incorporating Aromatherapy, Crystal Therapy, Reiki, and utilizing Natural, Gluten-free soaks, lotions and scrubs, and Toxin-free Nail Polish. All disposable items such as nail files, buffers, and foot pumices are new and given to you for home use. PediCURES are performed while you lay comfortably on a Massage Table for the ultimate in Relaxation, and feet are soaked in a Copper bowl for sanitation and Grounding.

Holistic ManiCURE          $85                                                                                                            75 minutes

Holistic PediCURE                                                                                          $115                                                                                                          90 minutes

A credit card is required for all bookings.

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wise hands

Hands of Wisdom & Experience

What others are saying:

“Danielle uses all of her natural gifts to send you off into a surreal place where you can step aside from worldly distractions and just BE. Her divine pedicure (which is not like any you’ve had, trust me) is a heavenly gift. She started with a blend of essential oils and crystals in a foot soak, then I got to lie down and receive a reflexology /energy treatment, AND she topped it off with a rocking all-natural pedi!! You’ll leave feeling like you’re walking on clouds. Go!”

Marisol R.

“Danielle is truly the Hand ‘n Sole Goddess!  My entire experience with her was blissful and nurturing.  She served me tea.  She let me choose the essential oil blend for my treatment.  She put crystals in my foot bath and asked what intentions she could hold for me as she worked on me.  Danielle is a master nail technician — no doubt!  But, her services are unique and far beyond the simple aim of pretty nails.  I DID walk out with pretty nails, but I also walked out as relaxed and refreshed as if I’d had a full body massage.  Her skill in reflexology is a gift to anyone she works on!  I recommend a treatment with her as a gift of self-love and holistic self-care — she infuses so much love and intention into her work, you’ll walk away feeling as refreshed and renewed as if you’d spent the whole day at the spa.”

Jessica C.

“Danielle will be at your service the moment you step in the door, she’ll offer you tea and make you feel right at home. I love being able to select my fragrance for my manicure and pedicure. Be prepared to spend a minimal of one hour in full relaxation mode…you will leave all your worries behind…i always feel completely rejuvenated when i leave. Danielle does such a great job that she was my choice of manicurist when i got married and what was even better is that she traveled with me to Hawaii for the event. I never miss an opportunity to visit Hand ‘n’ Sole whenever i’m in the Pasadena area, especially since I live over 60 miles away.”


“You have the room to yourself.. just you and Danielle.. with soft music playing. You sit in a comfy atmoshpere as you are pampered to the nth degree. If you feel like talking, she will chat with you… if you want quiet, she will be quiet. There is a wide choice of essential oils, with salt scrubs, hot towels, etc. This is my once a month treat to myself, as my pedicures last that long. This is not for those who want a cheap “quickie”. You will pay more, but it is worth every penny!!”


“For the manicure itself, I asked Danielle to simply shape and buff my nails – no nail polish. The shape looked natural and the natural buffing left my nails looking as if they had a clear coat of polish. They were pink and beautiful. The best part was that the buff treatment lasted for 3 weeks, with gardening and washing dishes!

The treatment alone is worth the trip, but then there’s the atmosphere – relaxing, inviting, pampering. Soft lighting, low music, treatments limited to one client at a time – no nail stations with multiple manicurists and clients. It’s truly one-on-one service. Danielle seems to have a gift for knowing when you feel like talking and when you just want to relax without conversation. I can’t speak highly enough about the experience – it’s like no other “nail salon” I’ve ever visited.”


Hand ‘n’ Sole is my favorite place to go and take a “time out” from my busy schedule and feel pampered and relaxed. The atmosphere is welcoming, relaxing, and calm. I always leave feeling relaxed and happy with my nails looking so good. Danielle really knows how to make you feel taken care of. I’ve been a customer for a little over a year and will never try any other nail salon. I’m always complimented on how nice my nails look and I know I owe it all to Danielle. Not only does she offer great treatments, but she is always explaining how different products and habits help keep my nails looking and feeling healthier than ever before. I always look forward to my next visit. I’m getting married this fall and she has helped me learn how to take care of my nails so that I can have natural, strong, beautiful nails on my wedding day. She rocks!”


“I can’t say enough about Hand n Sole. Danielle is not only exceptionally professional she is also warm and friendly. Besides being the cleanest, and the most hygienic, it’s also relaxing and makes you feel like you don’t want to leave and go back to the outside world. There isn’t a service I wouldn’t recommend. You never have to worry about dirty or unsterilized instruments as most of them are opened new in front of you and then you get to take them home. And what really makes my heart soar is that her products are free of many of the harsh chemicals found in other products.”