Blissful Reflexology


Reflexology is a touch therapy using a specific touch technique on reflex pressure maps resembling the form and anatomy of the human body that are believed to exist on the feet, hands, and outer ears.

Wellness by way of the Hands and Soles, Reflexology, is a revival of an Ancient Modality believed to date back to the Ancient Chinese and Egyptians. Greek Mythology considers the feet to represent the Soul, and Physically, our Feet provide grounding, mobility, balance, and means to move forward. 

Utilizing a nurturing touch, Reflexology is not only therapeutic, it’s profoundly Relaxing.

Imagine a decent into Pure Bliss beginning with the Ritual of the Foot Bath infused with Essential Oils and Healing Crystals. Then enjoying the Art of a caring and trained Reflexologist, drift into Well-being, as you stay fully clothed laying face up on a cozy Massage table under an Eye Pillow and a Blanket of Peace.

Blissful Reflexology                                                                      $95                                                                                     75 minutes

This is an Integrated Hand, Ear, Foot, and Energy Reflexology Session. It includes a check-in Consultation, the Ritual of the foot bath, Crystals, and Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils specifically chosen for your Experience.

Warm Milk ‘n’ Honey Sole Soothing Reflexology                                                              $115                                                                                     75 minutes

This session will begin with the Ritual of the Foot bath infused with Water Intentions, Warm Milk, Mineral Salts, and Crystals. Then your Soles will be buffed and smoothed with a delicate Milk n’ Honey scented sea salt scrub. Then you will be tucked onto a cozy massage table while I Massage, Hold, and Reflex your Hands, Soles, and outer Ears with Positive Intentions and Hydrating Shea Butter!

Milk n' Honey


Did you know that it has been said that Cleopatra bathed in Milk? Her beautiful skin has been attributed to this Beauty Ritual as Milk is a natural lactic acid, and gently exfoliates dead skin cells.



Our Soles, along with our hands have the highest number of pores on the whole body, as well as many nerve endings, making them a great candidate for soaking up this Goodness.

This Goodness can also be offered at your Home of Office for an Additional Travel Fee.

A credit card is required for all bookings.

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wise hands

Hands of Wisdom & Experience

Guests Report:

Feeling of Overall Well-being.

A sense of Floating.

Extremely Relaxed.

Being Nurtured.

Better Sleep.

Increased Vitality.


What others are saying:

“Wow, I feel like I have just had a full body Massage!” At which I always reply “I did work your full body, times 3, Hands, Ears, and Feet!”

“I Am purring after the most deliciously-deep reflexology & reiki session from Danielle, the Hand ‘n’ Sole Goddess. Crystals, essential oils, a singing bowl, and most profoundly, her deep intentionality and healing hands = a blissful letting go.”

Jessica C.

“It is the Ultimate in Relaxation, I go to a deep state that I don’t even experience while sleeping”

Leslie N.

“I firmly believe that God leads us to the right people if we open our hearts and minds and I thank him for leading me to you.  You have helped me to begin moving what had deep down become a dark path to a bright pink place again and it feels wonderful! You have a very special gift!”

Lara S.

“That was Wonderful!  Your Hands are so Expressive!

Bob N.